An experimental game.
Rules are here.
Standard 52 card deck plus an infinite number of one type of token.
6 - 10 players, 15 minutes.
If you play E.O., please let us know about your experience.
A steam-powered death race through the post-apocalypse.
In development, looking for a publisher. Sell sheet here.
120 cards.
2 players, 45 minutes.
Escape From Hell Joseon
(working title)
Seek happiness in an alternate-universe South Korea.
Designed for the Hangyeoreh Basic Income Game Design Contest. PnP upcoming.
Board, dice, cards, game money.
2 - 4 players, 60 minutes.
Time Bomb
A microgame about very impending doom.
In design.
18 cards.
1 - 2 players, 5 minutes.